Checking Your Property For Storm Damage

Property owners have to think about Storm Damage after severe weather strikes. Storms don’t have to produce heavy rains in order to do serious damage to buildings. Often times, it’s the strong winds that can cause a property to suffer structural problems. Once a storm has passed, it’s smart to check for any signs of damage so that repairs can be quickly made before problems get worse. So where does a homeowner start looking for signs that they are dealing with a damaged roof? Do they have to climb up a ladder to look directly at the roof?

Fortunately, people don’t always have to use ladders to detect Storm Damage. The first place to check is the home’s attic. If there are any leaks or signs that water is doing damage, a roofer should be called to check things out. Folks can also check for problems from the ground. Does the roof appear to have any missing pieces? Shingles can be forced off a roof by high winds. In some instances, they might become loose. It can be hard to detect loose shingles from the ground. People can also look at their gutters and other things connected to their roofs.

If a large tree branch or tree hits a home, it’s a good idea to contact or another roofing service for help. A professional will have to assess the property to make sure that there isn’t any structural damage. Also, there is insurance to think about. People will want to get the process started quickly so that they can get the paperwork out of the way. If a roof is damaged by a tree and a person doesn’t have insurance, they might have to pay thousands of dollars to get things fixed. Property owners should always carefully go over their insurance policies to see what they are covered for when it comes to damage caused by storms.

Storms can be very unpredictable. Even when people know they are coming, it can be hard to predict how much damage a storm can do. While one home might suffer severe damage, the house right next to it might be untouched.

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