Chicago Kitchen Remodeling – A Look at Kitchen Cabinet Design

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Once you have determined the overall look and style you want to go for with your new kitchen design and remodel, it is time to start looking at the materials you will use for one of the most important design features -the cabinets.  Wood cabinets serve an aesthetic use by creating focal points and contrasts in colors. Careful consideration must be given to the materials used in your kitchen design! Chicago kitchen remodeling covers a lot of ground and one of the first to be considered when designing your new kitchen is your choice of cabinets:

Custom Wood Cabinetry
There are many types of materials that are popular for use in cabinetry. Below you can find some of the most popular materials that you can use to create the cabinets that fit best with your new kitchen remodel. The best Chicago kitchen remodeling services can help you find the best custom cabinet designs to fit your every need!

This is a hard, durable wood that has a soft grained texture and a number of color variations from white tones to brown and red tones. It can be used for natural grain wood decor and looks amazing with a light stain. Maple works well with many design styles but is very commonly seen in contemporary as well as traditional styles.

Cabinets made from cherry wood feature a fine or medium grained pattern, and are resistant to cracking, warping, and dinging. Cherry wood darkens beautifully over time and the occasional knot creates unique design points. It is a wood choice that can be adapted to just about any design style that highlights deep rich wood coloration.

This wood is a subtle and very adaptable hardwood and ranges in color from cream to reddish-brown. Its texture is fine and usually fairly straight but can be found in swirl and curve grain patterns. Birch is a very smooth wood that can be painted easily, making it perfect for any decor style.

Known for a bold pattern that is open grained along with a very strong textured surface, oak is a good choice for a natural finish, or perfect for a country type look. This hardwood is durable, and it is known for its attractive patterns and grains, making it a popular choice for Chicago kitchen remodeling projects.

It can be a little overwhelming to choose materials for your wood cabinets and your countertops, but with the right understanding you can make a choice that works best for you and your kitchen design.

Chicago kitchen remodeling can be easier and even enjoyable with the right team on your side, so call Greenside Design Build today and see the difference they can make where your kitchen remodel project is concerned.

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