Child Custody Agreements Are Tricky – Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Child Custody Agreements Are Tricky – Don’t Make These Mistakes!

During divorce proceedings involving children, the mother and father must enter into a custody agreement. The courts often use various factors to determine custody. 50/50 and 75/25 visitation rights are popular options, but a judge can decide upon virtually any arrangement. Either way, these agreements are designed to give children the best possible experience with their parents. Such agreements may be entered into amicably or with some reservations, depending upon the situation between former husband and wife.

Changes to These Agreements Are Sometimes Necessary

A child custody agreement often applies to children with divorced parents until they turn 18 years-old. However, a given agreement may be started when a child is quite young. It’s no surprise that parents sometimes want to change the agreement for one reason or another. Whether amicable or not, both parents might agree that changes are necessary to benefit either the parents or the children. A given parent’s schedule or living situation might change over time, which can prompt the need for modification.

The Right Way to Modify A Child Custody Agreement

For very minor changes, the courts allow parents to modify the custody agreement themselves. Both parents can swap holidays that they have the children, or make one-time changes. Changes involving overall visitation time during the year need to go through the courts, though. In fact, a parent that’s wary about the agreement should always opt for the court system to modify an agreement. Lombard child custody attorneys can help a parent deal with this situation in the best manner possible.

Go Through Court with Lombard Child Custody Attorneys to Avoid Problems

Even amicable former spouses can change their minds after an informal change is made to the custody agreement. Unfortunately, this can lead to various problems for one or both parents. That’s why it’s so important to hire child custody attorneys in Lombard and go through the proper legal channels. Everyone, from the parents to the children, benefits when the custody agreement is changed through the proper legal process in the courts.

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