Choosing A Versatile Floor Scrubber: Tips For Dallas Commercial Cleaning Services

Choosing A Versatile Floor Scrubber: Tips For Dallas Commercial Cleaning Services

One of the most important aspects of a successful, efficient and professional janitorial service is for the cleaning crew to be able to provide a consistently clean space when they are finished. Dallas business owners and commercial property managers assess a cleaning company based on the quality of the work they do and if it is done consistently and on schedule and budget.

Having the right supplies for the cleaning team is always important. With the right equipment and supplies, all areas of the commercial building can be quickly and easily cleaned, meeting the requirements of the customer.

Floor Cleaning

The latest space in most commercial buildings in the Dallas area is the floor. This may be tile, laminate, polished concrete, vinyl flooring or any number of other surfaces.

Keeping the floors clean means having the right floor scrubber for the job. It also means using the correct chemicals for the flooring type to leave a shiny, clean and polished looking surface.

Manual Options

While it is common to think of a floor scrubber as an electric or even battery-operated cleaning device, there are also manual types of tools such as microfiber mops and floor brushes.

These are often ideal for small floor spaces, or where it is impractical to operate large equipment. In small businesses where on-site storage may not be an option, these manual floor cleaning tools are highly portable and can be taken from job to job.

Electric or Battery Operated

Smaller types of electric rotary floor machines are a good option for small to medium floor spaces. The smaller size and portability of these devices makes them a practical option, and they offer the cleaning power required for heavy traffic floor areas.

The larger ride on or walk behind floor scrubber is typically battery operated, without the need for electric cords. This offers greater mobility and faster cleaning of significant areas of the floor such as workrooms, hallways, auditoriums, and other large spaces.

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