Choosing Ornamental Iron for Your Yard

Choosing Ornamental Iron for Your Yard

Maybe you want some fencing for your yard, or maybe you want to add a railing to your front stoop. Either way, you have many options for the material. Ornamental iron offers a unique option that can set your yard apart. Before you choose ornamental iron, here are some things to consider.

Durability and Maintenance

Ornamental iron is usually made with some variation of metal, which makes it durable in harsh weather. It acclimates to whatever temperature surrounds it, so be careful touching wrought iron on very hot or cold days. Compared to other materials, its resistance to weather can make it last much longer.

Unlike wood or vinyl, which might rot, break, or warp, ornamental iron is relatively low maintenance. However, it can rust. You need to stay on top of painting it with the proper grade of paint to seal it against water. Taking care of the paint job is no joke. A sub-par kind of paint or application can result in rust that ruins your fence before you know it.

Curb Appeal

Chicago ornamental iron, and iron in many cities, is a timeless fashion. This means you are hard pressed to find a yard in which ornamental iron doesn’t fit. Not only does it fit in, but wrought iron also improves the aesthetic of a yard. Ornamental iron is an art piece that adds beauty to whatever piece of your yard it touches. It can even be a one-of-a-kind piece, which raises your curb appeal and property value.


The benefits of ornamental iron come at a cost. Each piece has to be hand crafted. If you want a one-of-a-kind yard, it costs you. Even if you want something basic, there is still a higher cost associated with wrought iron than other materials. The benefits make the price worth it, but be sure it fits into your budget.

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