Choosing the Best Team Building Exercises for Your Group

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Business, Event Planning

Whether you’re managing a new business or one that has been around for ages, you’ve probably implemented team building as a way to foster collaboration, creativity, and customer centricity. You probably also realize that these exercises can be a little hit or miss. If you choose the wrong option, it might end up wasting time and energy. That’s why knowing which outdoor team building games are best for you is the priority.

What Are You Looking For?

The initial thing you should do is look deeper and determine what you want to achieve through the exercises you choose. That means asking yourself some tough questions and being open about both the positives and negatives of your workplace. Below we look at a few questions to start your brainstorming.

  • What is the long-term vision of your company?
  • Do your workers have a hard time communicating efficiently?
  • Is the team organized or more chaotic?
  • Are the members of your team able to resolve problems together?
  • Do your team members balance team and individual responsibilities?
  • Is the team willing to focus on the most critical aspects of a project?
  • Are the activities of the team overly controlled or is there a balance?

Where is Improvement Needed?

After answering the questions above, and any you come up with yourself, you’ll be at an excellent place toward understanding what your priorities are. The best thing to take on next is determining what kind of outdoor team building games will improve the things you noted earlier. You can choose a single exercise or a series of games that all work toward growing the skills of your team and making them an essential part of the workplace.

What Type of Team Building is Right for Me?

Your team building could consist of an exercise that allows the team to break into groups and compete against other. You could also make the activity more collaborative to break down walls between your employees. Often a series of events works best and professional companies can take care of many of the details, leaving you more time to focus on other things that are important.

Grow Your Business

d’frens has watched companies grow and metrics improve substantially following our team building activities. Speak to an expert at our office to make your schedule for customer service team building and see how far you can push your company toward the success you deserve.

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