Choosing the Right Combination of Truck Wheels and Tires

Have you wondered what makes the winning combination of looks and ride for your truck? A good set of truck wheels and tires will not only enhance the looks of your automobile, but will give you immense satisfaction after a smooth drive. While tires are responsible for the smoothness of your drive, wheels and the rims on the outer edges that hold the tire in place boost the appearance and performance. A perfect combination than enhances the over-all look and ride for your truck is what you should strive to do.

Choice of Wheels

Truck Wheels can be of different sizes and are available in different styles and finishes. One needs to understand that the difference between steel and alloy wheels types before making a purchase. Steel wheels have high tensile strength, which is important for off-road applications and in commercial trucks that carry heavy loads and undergo constant impacts. On the other hand, alloy wheels are lighter and available in many designs, and are ideal for swift handling, braking or towing activities. Alloy wheels can give your vehicle a more stylized look that cannot be achieved with steel rims.

Tires- An Important Selection

Choose truck tires to suit the requirements. There are many formats used by trucks and SUVs. The All Purpose (AP) tires have tread designs to cater to all seasons, and have good traction and load carrying capabilities. More recently, the marketplace has seen a demand for sports truck tires which enable sports car handling even in trucks and SUVs. These are like AP but have speed ratings of more than 149 miles per hour. All terrain type tires are the most popular and are preferred for off-road requirements with tread designs that enable smooth driving through mud or snow. Mud terrain tires are mainly used by commercial vehicles that need to withstand wear and tear in bad terrains and muddy roads. These tires have extra sidewalls and plies to prevent punctures. Factors such as we traction versus capability to corner on dry roads; need to be considered while making the buying decision.

Size Matters

Also, ensure you are aware of the vehicle’s actual tire size. This information can be found in the owner’s manual. If you desire to get smaller wheels for your vehicle, you should ensure that they provide enough ground clearance. Large tires in SUVs and trucks give higher ground clearance, which makes it comfortable to drive while moving on rough terrains or while driving through deserts. However a decision to go for large tire sizes not only means a change in wheel size, but other major changes to accommodate larger tires like suspension and body lift, increase in weight, change in gear ratio and strain on the brakes and axles and a decrease in performance. Hence, to counter this, components need to be replaced to achieve desired performance.

Ensure your decision to buy the right combination of truck wheels and tires makes your driving experience in your vehicle a good one; rather than one that turns out to be frustrating, in the long run.

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