Commercial Lighting – Should You Install New Lighting or Make Repairs?

Commercial Lighting – Should You Install New Lighting or Make Repairs?

If you run a business, you need to think about upkeep and repairs. In some cases, it is better to install new light fixtures than to buy replacement sockets and upgrade the old ones. However, this is not always in your best interest and here is information on new light installation vs. upgrades to help you make an informed decision.

New Lighting Benefits

When you install new fixtures, you get the latest and most modern products on the market. New lighting is efficient and can increase your lighting power while lowering your energy bills. Yet, there is a downside to this option.

New Lighting Downside

When you put in new lighting, the costs for parts and labor can sometimes be too much for your budget. First, you need to remove all the old fixtures and then replace them with new fixtures. You may also need to run new wiring and install new boxes and switches. If you have a large structure or run a small business, this may not be a viable option.


Maybe your lighting system only needs minor repairs. This may be the best thing to do until you have the funds for a complete upgrade. In many cases, you can use replacement sockets, retrofit kits, and other parts to upgrade and improve your lighting. This saves you a lot of money over the cost of installing all new lighting.

The Importance of Choose the Right Lighting Supplier

If you choose to purchase replacement sockets and other components for your lighting system, it is important to choose the right company. Select a company with many years of experience in the lighting industry. Make sure they only carry high-quality parts and supplies. You can find the most selections and hard to find parts with the best suppliers.

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