Commercial Painting Contractor in Monterey Makes Office Upgrades Easy

Many studies have been done into the effects color have on things such as focus, mental clarity, mood, and productivity. Choosing the right color for your office space can make or break productivity goals so it is a decision that has to be carefully considered. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are thinking about the color you want to use when you hire a commercial painting contractor in Monterey:

  • Group areas and shared office spaces do well with shades of blue, which have been shown to help stimulate communication, mental focus, and confidence.
  • Green is a color you want to consider if creativity and innovation is your goal as it has been shown to help with creative flow and a relaxed setting.
  • Yellow is also a good choice for office color when you want a shade that helps to stimulate and energize employees while keeping them alert and focused.
  • Neutral colors can be used anywhere but are especially popular in isolated areas or in places that need to be free from distractions.
  • Bold and bright colors are great for keeping people alert and awake, which makes them good colors for office areas used by night shift workers.
  • Shades of orange are thought to help energize people and are good for small areas and in spaces where a lot goes on and where many people gather.
  • Darker colors should generally be avoided as they can cause more repressed feelings and emotions and can make workers feel sluggish and depressed.

Something as simple as the color you choose for your office space can have a big impact on how effective your team is and how much work gets done. Once you have your color choice in mind, leave the rest to the experts and call in Speed Boy Painting when you are ready for a commercial painting contractor in Monterey or the surrounding areas!

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