Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures In Austin

In Austin, as in cities across the country and around the world, people often struggle with being dissatisfied about some aspect of their appearance. This could be a feature they have had since birth, or it could be a change in their appearance brought on by injury, health issues or even through the natural process of aging.

While diet and lifestyle can help in correcting some issues with aging, it is impossible to change everything and maintain a youthful appearance. Accident and injury or disease, or even the use of specific medications, can also result in unexpected and unwelcome changes in appearance.

Through cosmetic surgery procedures, also known as plastic surgery, people can correct areas of dissatisfaction on their face and body. Not all procedures are possible for all people, but with the options today most conditions can be treated using surgical or non-surgical options.

Most Frequently Performed Procedures

The most common cosmetic surgery procedures completed in the United States, and in the city of Austin, include:

* Breast augmentation – increasing the breast size has been the most requested and completed forms of plastic surgery for many years. In the United States alone, there were over 300,000 augmentation procedures completed in 2017 alone. This includes both implants as well as the movement of fatty tissue from other areas of the body to the breasts.

* Liposuction – for both men and women, using cosmetic surgery procedures for fat removal was the second most common category. There were 246,354 procedures completed in 2017 according to the American Society for Plastic Surgery.

* Nose Jobs – more correctly known as rhinoplasty, there were over 218,000 procedures completed in 2017. This includes procedures completed for medical purposes or due to trauma or disease.

* Eyelid surgeries – the fourth most common type of procedure was blepharoplasty or surgical tightening of the skin around the eyes. At just under 210,000 procedures, this is a process that is increasing in numbers per year.

In Austin, there are top plastic surgery centers offering these procedures, as well as many others. Take the time to compare doctors and clinics before selecting the right match for your plastic surgery needs.

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