Cosmetic Surgery Of The Eyes In Austin

The eyes are often seen as the windows to the soul, and they are one of the first things most people notice about each other. The eyes can also be a part of the face that starts to show age early through loose and sagging skin, puffiness around the eyes as well as dropping lids and significant bags under the eyes.

For men and women in Austin with these types of issues with the eyelids, cosmetic surgery is an option to consider to return the eyes to their youthful look. This type of cosmetic surgery is called blepharoplasty, and it can be done on the upper lid, the lower lid or on both lids based on the desired outcome.

The Process

As with all types of cosmetic surgery, the first step is to meet with a qualified, experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon. He or she evaluates the patient’s overall health, any existing conditions of the eyes, and also ensures the patient has realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure. This is not a procedure done to change the shape of the eye, but rather to restore the naturally firm skin on the upper and lower lids.

In some cases, the doctor may find the cause of the skin sagging has other origins. This can include problems with the underlying muscles, with neurological conditions or even from injectable treatments such as Botox. While these issues are rare, they must be ruled out before proceeding with the cosmetic surgery.

Once approved for the procedure, the doctor spends time in discussing the results and may use computer software to show patients the expected results. It is also a time the cosmetic surgeon may recommend other treatment options, including non-surgical rejuvenation types of procedures.

The patient can then evaluate the options and set an appointment for her or his Austin surgery. More information on preparation for the surgery as well as details about the procedure and the recovery are also provided.

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