Common Myths about Water Softeners

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Business & Economics

The only way to fix a hard water problem in your home is by using a water softener or Water Softener Alternate. For the most part, the average homeowner does not have a lot of knowledge regarding water softeners, which usually leads to a variety of misconceptions. These misconceptions can lead to a variety of different negative consequences such as not using a water softener. By not using a water softener, you will be putting the plumbing in your home at risk of clogs. The following are a few of myths about water softeners that many homeowners believe.

Not Fit to Drink

One of the most popular myths regarding water softeners is that you will not be able to drink water that has been treated with it due to the high amount of sodium. This is not true because the amount of sodium in water softeners is a lot lower than people think, which means that drinking the water will not hurt you at all. By not treating the hard water in your home, you will be putting your plumbing system at risk and the water in your home will not be fit to use.

Negative Effects on Showering

Another common myth that most people believe is that using water softeners affects the way you shower because the water does not rinse the soap off the right way. This is not true and in reality it is the exact opposite of what really happens when using water softeners. The sediment and minerals that are left behind by hard water will reduce the effectiveness of the water when trying to remove soap during a shower. This will make you feel unclean after your shower, which is why using a softener is so important in the way you consume and use water in your home.

Not Cost Effective

Another common myth is that people believe that a water softener system is very expensive to operate, which is not the case. When you consider how much money a softener system can save you on plumbing repairs, it is more than worth the price you pay for it. Depending on the type of system that you get, the cost will not be that great. Instead of putting your home at risk of horrible plumbing problems due to hard water, you can get a quality water softener system installed for a reasonable price.

A Water Softener Alternate can help to remove the minerals in your water and one of the best on the market is Scale Blaster.

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