Is it Time for a New Water Heater in Fountain CO?

The typical Water Heater in Fountain CO will last for many years without any type of incident. Even with regular maintenance, the day will come when it needs replacing. Here are some signs that indicate that day has arrived.

The Heater Runs More Often

While it is expected that the heater will cycle on and off a few times each day, older heaters may not do a good job of keeping the water in the tank at the proper temperature. As a result, it begins to run more often than in times past. While the issue could be a faulty heating element, there is also the chance that the system is simply getting too old to function properly. Rather than watch the utility costs creep up a little more each month, replacing the older heater with a new model is the best solution.

The Tank is Leaking

A failing Water Heater in Fountain CO is more likely to develop leaks. The thing is that by the time the homeowner makes not of these tiny leaks, the insulation is already compromised. Rather than trying to patch the heater and keep it going, investing in a new one is often the most practical approach.

The Water is Never Hot Enough

Even though the heater seems to run often, there is never enough hot water. In fact, the water is somewhat tepid at best. While it will take an expert from Jazy Frei Plumbing & Heating to make sure that the origin of the problem is not something minor, be prepared for the reality that the older water heater is too far gone to repair. When that happens, work with the professional to evaluate different options for replacements. Doing so will help to ensure that the most cost efficient decision is made, and that the new heater will provide years of reliable service.

Keep in mind that older heaters can fail at the most inopportune times. When that does happen, it can be quite messy to clean up the water that escapes from the tank or deal with any other damage caused by the tank failure. Rather than waiting until the last minute, replace the heater before a complete failure occurs. In the long run, this strategy will pay off in terms of saving on operational costs and preventing damage to the area immediately around the heater.


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