Common Summer Camp Activities

by | May 25, 2016 | Sports & Games

Summer camps used to be a dime a dozen but they have changed quite a bit over the years. They offer much more for our children to enjoy and experience. They provide memories that will last them a lifetime. There are so many activities a child could experience at summer camp that it would be nearly impossible to name them all. Here are some of the most common and fun summer camp activities for children.

Camp Games
Everybody loves to play games, especially outdoors and at summer camp with friends. Children play everything from chalk twister to tug-o-war. One of the most common ways to play games at summer camp is to have a field day filled with water balloon tosses, three-legged races, potato sack races, and fun prizes you can win. Not only are these games extremely fun but they also teach children how to work well with one another as a team and not to be too competitive.

Camp Crafts
There are always several children at the camp who enjoy arts and crafts. It may seem boring but there is actually a lot you can do with art. One of the most common activities involves making friendship bracelets for your friends or create pet rocks. If you are really creative, you may be able to make your own compass so the next time you go out on a hike you do not get lost. Arts and crafts can be just as fun as playing games.

If you are looking for a summer camp in Mendham, NJ that has a little bit of everything, you may want to give Fundamental Sports Camp a call. Your children will be making memories in no time if you enroll them in summer camp. They may even learn a new skill or craft they never knew before.

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