Three Benefits Of Buying Mulch In Waukesha WI

Three Benefits Of Buying Mulch In Waukesha WI

As spring approaches, homeowners begin cleaning up their yards to get ready for spring planting. Mulching plays an important part when homeowners begin their landscaping projects. Before you purchase Mulch in Waukesha WI from a gardening center, learn three benefits of mulching and why it’s so important.

Reduction Of Weeds

When homeowners place mulch in their flower beds, they can spend more time enjoying their beautiful flowers and less time pulling weeds. When several inches of mulch is placed over the soil, this keeps the sunlight from penetrating the earth below the mulch. Since the sunlight can’t reach the weeds, this prevents them from growing. Homeowners should make sure that all the areas of the flower beds are completely covered with mulch to keep as many weeds away as possible.

Keeps Pests Away

Some types of mulch, especially cedar mulches, are naturally aromatic. While many people enjoy the fragrance of cedar wood, many insects don’t. The oil that’s inside the wood contains the unmistakable fragrance of cedar that’s repulsive to many species of bugs. Since some insects can damage plants and flowers by chewing on their leaves. Using cedar Mulch in Waukesha WI from a well-known company will ensure that your spring plants aren’t destroyed by bugs.

Prevents Nutrients From Escaping

Plants and flowers need certain nutrients to help them grow and thrive. When mulch is placed around the plants, it helps to keep the nutrient rich soil in place when it rains and when you water your flowers. Soil erosion can be very detrimental for plants and by keeping a thick layer of mulch on top of the ground, the nutrients in the soil can continue to keep the plants healthy. Mulch also soaks up water and the moisture in the mulch helps to keep the plants from drying out. Ensuring that the plants have plenty of water also keeps them healthy.

Visit Bluemel’s in Waukesha for a variety of mulches to complete your landscaping project. Popular mulch types available include shredded hardwood, white cedar and hemlock. Visit the Website to learn more information about the types of mulch the store carries and browse the other products that are available.

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