Commonly Asked Questions About Bed Bugs In Jackson, NJ

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Pest Control Service

In New Jersey, homeowners may develop a bed bug infestation based on certain circumstances. These insects interrupt the homeowner’s sleep by biting them. They feed on the blood of humans and domesticated pets most often and require extermination services to eliminate them. The following are commonly asked questions about Bed Bugs Jackson NJ.

What Risks are Associated with These Insects?

There aren’t any known health risks associated with bed bugs. However, their bites can become itchy and irritated. In most cases, the bites lead don’t lead to infections. The insects don’t carry any known diseases. Homeowners who sustain these insect bites need to use appropriate ointment to control the itching.

What are the Most Common Signs of These Bugs?

The bugs emit a sweet, musty smell. They leave behind exoskeletons once they have shed. The homeowner may notice rusty spots on their bedding or mattress. These spots are created by waste products left behind by the insects. These products are often filled with the blood of their victims. As the bugs mature, homeowners will notice them crawling around the edges of the mattress or on their bedding.

Who is at the Greatest Risk of Acquiring Bed Bugs?

Individuals who travel frequently or utilize hotels are at the greatest risk. They are the most likely individuals who will come into contact with an infestation. This is attributed to inferior cleaning strategies to reduce these infestations. Share living quarters are another risk of bed bug developments.

Are There Preventative Measures to Prevent Infestations?

Preventative strategies for avoiding these infestations begin with sanitation. The extermination team sprays insecticide to kill all bed bugs inside the property. However, the mattresses are wrapped in plastic to stop further infestations. A plastic mattress cover that zips provides protection against further infestations. The homeowner could also clean away dust and debris around desks and dressers to eliminate possible hiding places for the insects.

In New Jersey, homeowners combat bed bug infestations by hiring an extermination team. The exterminators provide insecticides to kill off the insects and restore the home. They also provide preventative services to prevent further infestations. Homeowners who need services for Bed Bugs Jackson NJ Browse Site for more information today.

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