Are Composite Shingles the Right Choice for a New Roof in Clarksville, MD?

Are Composite Shingles the Right Choice for a New Roof in Clarksville, MD?

Age has finally caught up with the roof, and something must be done soon. A neighbor suggested talking with a contractor about using composite shingles for the New Roof in Clarksville MD. Would this really be the right choice? Here are some of the advantages the contractor is likely to point out.

What is Composite Roofing?

Composite roofing is a type of shingle made using several different materials. While the range of materials varies slightly, it’s not unusual for this type of shingle to include things like asphalt, slate, laminate, and wood. Many of the properties of composite shingles result from the kind of materials included in the finished shingle. In a sense, this choice allows the homeowner to enjoy most of the benefits of different shingle types while avoiding some of the drawbacks.

A Durable Solution

The combination of materials used for the shingles does extend the life and the durability of the replacement roof. While all roofs eventually need replacing, it’s not outside the realm of possibility for a composite roof to outlast other options by one or two decades. This one quality makes it worth considering as the ideal replacement option.

Superior Fire Ratings

Another point in favor of this type of roof is the higher level of fire resistance. Choosing these shingles for the New Roof in Clarksville MD means if a fire does break out it will take longer for the roof to be consumed. That translates to more time for anyone in the home to escape safely.

Less Fading

Composite roofs are less subject to fading than some other kinds of roofing materials. Most homeowners understand how a roof that looks tired will bring down the look of a house that is otherwise maintained with great care. Knowing the roof will retain its appearance for more years without constant attention is one of the more endearing qualities of this kind of roofing.

Visit the Website today and learn more about roofing materials in general. Arrange for a contractor to visit the home and discuss the merits of composite roofing. After going over the benefits and taking a look at some samples, the homeowner will find this solution is the right one for the house.

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