Considering Liposuction? Consider the Laser Method!

Considering Liposuction? Consider the Laser Method!

There was a time that having liposuction surgery to reduce weight and remove unwanted fat would land you in the hospital for days or even weeks. Recovery time can vary for liposuction, but the risk of infection and other surgical side effects made it a risky proposition. At that time, doctors did not recommend the procedure unless the unwanted body fat was also causing serious health issues.

The Laser Revolution

New techniques in fat removal have made the dangers of traditional liposuction seem almost archaic by comparison. With modern laser liposuction, fat can be broken up into easily-removed pieces by the use of an external laser pad or pen-like device and then siphoned with comparative ease from the body. This lessens the amount of invasive prodding beneath skin’s surface to remove fatty tissue, and can shorten healing time, lessen bruising and make getting liposuction an overall less risky proposition.

Looking Better, Right Away

Another advantage of having laser liposuction surgery over traditional methods is that the laser technique allows for heating of the skin cells just below the superficial layer seen on the outside of the body. This stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, substances that naturally aid in the tone, tight and youthful look many patients are after in their final results. Because the lasers do this as part of the initial procedure, as soon as initial swelling or bruising clears up, patients have firmer, smoother bodies than those who go the traditional suction route.

Where Can I Get Laser Liposuction

While liposuction surgery of any kind is a surgical procedure, the doctors who provide it typically work out of specialized clinics aimed at targeting weight-related health concerns and aesthetic issues. Many of these clinics do accept insurance, but many plans do not cover liposuction surgery unless it is for treatment of a medical condition. Consult with a weight loss clinic near you, and see what your options are. If you’ve always wanted the sculpted look of liposuction but without the harsh side effects of traditional methods, consider going under the laser for a new look and a new lease on life!

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