Considering Options for New Wood Flooring in Maui

Part of the home renovation involves doing something about the floors. Specifically, the owner is tired of carpeting and would like to install Wood Flooring in Maui in each of the common rooms. Now that the decision is made to go with wood, there are some other details to address. Here are some examples.

What Type of Wood?

There is more than one kind of wood used for home flooring. Some are treated to hold up to a lot of food traffic, while others are chosen because of the type of grain present. A contractor can show the client samples of each type of wood and go over the merits of each one. That information will make it much easier to choose the type of Wood Flooring in Maui that is best for the home.

Choosing a Stain

Along with selecting the right type of wood, there is the matter of choosing the best stain for the flooring. Take some cues from the style of the home and the color scheme used in most of the rooms. Some people find that they like a darker stain for the floors since it provides such a nice foundation for whatever design ideas are used in each room. Others prefer everything to be light and airy, including the floors. In the latter scenario, opting for a lighter stain is the only way to go.

Weighing the Costs

The homeowner finds that two different types of hardwood flooring have all the features desired, but there is a difference in cost. The more expensive one does offer a couple of other advantages that would be nice, but the client does not consider them necessary. If it is necessary to work with a strict budget, opting for the flooring that does provide all the essentials and is more affordable would be the way to go. If there is any lingering doubt, opting for the more expensive product and finding a way to absorb the additional expense is a better choice.

Remember that new wood flooring will add a lot of charm to the home. Contact the team at Abbey Carpet of Maui and ask to speak with an expert on flooring options. It will not take long to identify materials that fit in with the homeowner’s vision and arrange for the installation.

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