Four Things Real Estate Law Attorneys in Santa Barbara CA Wish Clients Already Knew

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Attorney

There are many misconceptions about lawyers, and stereotypes abound. Many people assume that attorneys are hard to contact, and that they only bring bad news. However, a quality attorney has the client’s interests at heart, and having a lawyer can simplify most real estate matters. Readers can click here to get more info on four things Real Estate Law Attorneys in Santa Barbara CA wish that clients knew before they ask for help.

Don’t Wait-;Call Today

Many potential clients ask how they can get out of a contract, or how they can avoid paying a legal judgment. In either case, the lawyer isn’t able to do much. The right time to call a lawyer is before the contract is signed-;not after. However, many people ignore this fact. A good real estate attorney is costly, but failing to hire legal representation in the event of a contract dispute can be even more expensive.

Ensure That the Lawyer Takes Real Estate Cases

This seems like a common-sense step, but many new home buyers make such mistakes. Many choose attorneys who are recommended by people they know, regardless of the lawyer’s area of practice. Real estate laws are very complex, and they change every day. Therefore, it’s critical to hire a lawyer who handles real estate matters in the local area.

Attorneys Can Handle Things Real Estate Agents Cannot

Some areas require an attorney’s involvement in closings, while others allow agents to prep contracts with no legal help. In most cases, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to pay for an attorney. The lawyer typically serves the function of a referee, and they ensure that everyone follows the law. However, if the upcoming deal is complex, the client should have their attorney present regardless of local requirements.

Sellers Should Have Attorneys, Too

A real estate seller is less likely to hire an attorney, but legal counsel can be valuable in complicated transactions. For instance, if one only wants to sell a portion of their land, the attorney can help them create a covenant restricting development and providing easements. Real Estate Law Attorneys in Santa Barbara CA can also help home and landowners grasp the tax consequences of a sale, and they can help clients save on capital gains taxes.

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