Important Information on Getting a DUI and Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Tyler, TX

Important Information on Getting a DUI and Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Tyler, TX

Getting a DUI is scary, it also puts the world in a tailspin. Suddenly, those who are used to driving every day don’t know what to do. Should they call a DUI Defense Lawyer in Tyler TX, or should they just hope for the best, these are common questions? One thing is for certain: there is plenty that you should know about the legal process and what to expect.

Jail Time

Many first-time offenders are surprised to learn that jail time is a very real possibility even for first-time offenders. Jail time for a first offense could be between three and 180 days. Second- or third-time offenders should expect an even longer sentence. Two years in jail could be what the person with his or her second DWI could face. Those with a third charge may find themselves spending up to ten years in jail.

License Suspension

An offender should expect to have their license suspended for a minimum of 90 days. This, again, is for a first-time offender. The suspension could be even longer, the driver may lose their license for 180 days. Those who receive a second or third DWI should expect a much longer suspension. These repeat offenders could be without their license for two years.


A DWI is costly, those who receive one for the first time should expect to shell out up to $2,000 in fines. A second offense brings with it fines of up to $4000, and a third offense can cost up to 10,000.


Texas requires those who receive a DWI to pay a DWI surcharge. First-time offenders are required to pay $1,000 per year, for three years. Second and third-time offenders pay $2,000 per year for three years.

As you can see, receiving a DWI is serious and costly. Drivers should also expect their insurance rates to go up. Drivers may also be required to install a breathalyzer in their vehicle. This will have to be used before the vehicle is started.

Hiring a DUI defense attorney in Tyler TX, is usually the best option for anyone facing these challenging times. For personal attention and cost-effective representation, you may want to contact the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. Clients receive personal attention in a caring atmosphere. Like us on Facebook.

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