Options for Cremation in Bel Air

Options for Cremation in Bel Air

Cremation is becoming a more common practice when end of life decisions are made. For some people, it is a matter of cost. A direct cremation saves a significant amount of money over any other option for Cremation in Bel Air. This includes a basic container for cremated remains, no embalming, no viewing, and no service. Sine a funeral director is not involved, the costs are minimal.


Some people prefer to be cremated to minimize the loss of excellent real estate set aside for burials. Think about it. Cemeteries are typically on a hill, offer great views, and cover a few acres at least. Some people need to be able to visit a grave for closure, but cemeteries are not ever crowded with mourners unless there is a funeral.

There are those who like the idea of being scattered at sea, in the wind, or spread out in a favorite place. Loved ones who prefer to keep some essence of the departed close to them will elect to have the ashes placed in a decorative urn and placed on a mantle. Creative merchandise is available that incorporates human ashes into jewelry, blown glass, portraits, and soil for growing plants or trees in the yard.

Cremation Without a Service

When deaths are sudden or tragic, the shock may be overwhelming for some family members. In some cases, the family decides to have a one-day viewing for people to pay their respects and then commence with the cremation minus a service. There is always time to prepare a memorial service later, so the life of the deceased can be celebrated.

This is also an ideal solution when family members and friends live at a long distance. The body can be dealt with and people can coordinate travel for a service in a few months. Those who prefer to grieve in private will also select this option for Cremation in Bel Air. Feel free to browse website for ideas, guidance, and pricing.

An Elaborate Service

Many cremations include an elaborate service and celebration on the same day. There is a traditional service with readings, music, and a eulogy in front of the casket. Once that is over, mourners stand in silence while the casket enters the crematorium. A reception follows, and everyone shares memories and stories about the deceased. Full cremation services are offered at experienced companies, such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services.

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