Tips On Proper Behavior To Avoid Angering Funeral Directors In Atlantic Highlands

Even though there has been a definite relaxation of traditional social customs in recent years, there are still some customs that should be adhered to unless specific instructions state not to. Chief among these is proper behavior and etiquette while at a funeral put on by funeral directors Atlantic Highlands. While people from different walks of life may have different desires on how they want their funeral to be, unless it is stated in their will or there was information left with their loved ones, there is a suggested decorum on how to behave at a funeral.

Proper Attire

Unless the deceased explicitly stated otherwise in their will or otherwise made their wishes known, it is best to dress in either black or a muted gray. As far as actual style of dress, a good rule of thumb for funeral attire is business casual. This will ensure attendees are not overdressed for the occasion nor will they be dressed in something so casual as to render it inappropriate.

Arrive Early

Plan to arrive at the funeral at least 10 minutes early. This will give the visitor time to sign the guestbook and find a seat. Remember to sign the guestbook using a full name, not just first name. This is so the family of the deceased knows who was in attendance. While not mandatory, it may be a good idea to also note the relationship to the deceased, such as a friend, co-worker, etc. Unless the guest is family or a close friend, they should avoid sitting in the first few rows of seats. Try to sit in the back or in the middle seats or ask funeral directors Atlantic Highlands where the most appropriate location is.

Turn It Off

With the prevalence of electronic gadgets, there is always the risk of a phone going off. This would be inappropriate to happen during a funeral. If carrying a cell phone to a funeral, have it on mute or vibrate. Even better, unless the guest has an emergency situation that requires them to be in contact with the outside world during the time the funeral is taking place, it is probably better if all electronics are turned off or left in vehicles.

No matter what the deceased has specified as their final wishes for their funeral arrangement, John P. Condon Funeral Home will respect all requests.

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