Why There Is a Demand for Cremation in Bel Air

Why There Is a Demand for Cremation in Bel Air

Every year more Bel Air citizens choose cremation over traditional arrangements. Professionals like Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services are getting more requests for cremation from clients who want more flexible planning options. Many choose Cremation in Bel Air because they view it as more earth-friendly than embalming and burial. Virtually all clients like the fact that it costs far less to arrange cremation than even the most basic traditional services.

Cremation Offers Unlimited Memorial Choices

Families who opt for Cremation in Bel Air often want to arrange unique memorials. Although many choose direct cremation, they can have the deceased embalmed and arrange for visitation. However, they are not limited to a time and place for burial. In fact, most never bury the ashes. They might be added to keepsake jewelry designed for the purpose. Clients often hold memorials and scatter ashes in places that meant something to the deceased. Families often feel that these types of ceremonies are far more personal and memorable than standard religious services.

Cremation Appeals to the Eco-Friendly

Many people who are worried about the planet either specify cremation in pre-planned contracts or direct families to have them cremated. These clients are usually opposed to putting embalming fluid and caskets into the ground, where they can pollute groundwater. They also dislike the fact that cemeteries require that caskets are buried in vaults made with more than 1 ton of steel and concrete. Just the manufacturing of vaults leaves a huge carbon footprint and burying them takes up valuable land.

Cremation Is an Affordable Option

Many clients who want to minimize funeral expenses choose cremation after visiting sites like evansfuneralchapel.com. When customers visit the website, they are offered price lists and, cremation is always the least costly option. While price is not the deciding factor for everyone, it can be critical for some. Those with financial concerns can arrange for simple, dignified direct cremations that cost a fraction of what traditional funerals would.

There is a growing demand for cremation among those who want to simplify funeral planning. It is also considered an earth-friendly choice and one that offers a dignified but affordable solution to funeral planning.

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