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by | Jul 10, 2015 | Lawyers

No one wants to think about their own death. It is uncomfortable and can be scary for people of all ages. It is not something that gets done for the person who owns property, or other assets, it gets done for the people left behind. Life is unpredictable, accidents happen, and people can die when they do not expect it. Dealing with that type of tragedy is terrible for loved ones in any circumstances. Dealing with the loss, plus issues like no access to joint accounts, disputes over property, and family arguing over final arrangements, can be especially devastating.

That can all be avoided if an Estate Planning Attorney in Bel Air MD is contacted so affairs can be put in order. Estate planning is not just for wealthy people, it is for average people as well. If property or assets are involved, wishes have to be legally documented to be valid. For example, A couple gets married and moves into a home that has belonged in the wife’s family for generations. If something unexpectedly happens to the wife, her husband and children can be forced to move from their home if she has made legal plans to allow them to live there. Her family could claim ownership of the property immediately, and a legal battle ensues. Children, in addition to losing their mother, must leave their home. A husband dealing with the loss of his wife, and suddenly becoming a single father, now has to deal with his in-laws and the legal system. Estate lawyers, like Michael S. Birch Attorney at Law, for example, can file legal documentation that protects family members.

An experienced Estate Planning Attorney in Bel Air MD can help clients decide how to divide stocks among grandchildren in the event of death. Attorneys can also advise young couples about life insurance policies, parents about college funds, or retired people regarding long-term care or living wills. There are many services provided by an estate attorney. Do not wait too long to plan for the unexpected. Get it done now and rest assured that loved ones’ futures are secured, come what may.

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