Contrast Injectors giving patients more accurate care

Contrast Injectors are a very important part of heath care today. These complex devices can aid greatly in meeting the needs and demands of the ever evolving Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans as well as the computed tomography imaging being done today, and with the results are not only improved patient care but safer patient care.

Some of the today’s models can be positioned absolutely anywhere next to a patient, and color-coded keys on either side of the injector handle allow for professionals to test, arm, run, and stop the injector from whichever side is more accessible. These units can be compatible with transparent or latex free syringes to provide a pristine view of the contrast medium. Additionally, there are now models with Air Detection and Warning Systems that can pick up on when there are air bulus or empty syringes. Nonmagnetic injector heads allow flexible movement, with no limitations on proximity to scanner.

With patient care in mind has come ease of use for hospital personnel. Remote use with color liquid crystal display panels features visual prompts to guide the user through the process and soft keys to control the injection procedure directly from the control room. User-friendly remote displays with anatomical identifiers makes for simpler viewing and programming of protocols with several different phases available. Some models also have the capability to store dozens of programs.

With the sophistication involved with Contrast Injectors, there has to be proper care and maintenance, and finding the latter is almost as simple as going on line and having to click here. Most companies today have units with on-screen help options, but even better is the availability of technical support at any hour of the day. The more reputable companies even offer loaner contrast injectors so that there is no down time, and patient care is seamless. Most bio medical equipment suppliers offer a full line of pre-owned equipment and parts, in addition to keeping in stock a full range of supporting consumables and accessories. Besides being able to select a preventative maintenance program, training programs are now available, and these valuable programs provide customers with autonomy and help drive down maintenance costs.

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