Inspect And Repair Those Septic Lift Stations To Avoid Unexpected Expenses

One of the functions of the septic system is to protect the local drinking water, and it handles this issue by collecting solid waste and allowing any waste water to filter out of the tank. Unfortunately, some areas have poor drainage or may have elevation issues that make this task difficult. Moving the waste is the function of Septic Lift Stations, and it can make sewage processing much easier. At least it does as long as the mechanical aspects are operating properly and the pipes do not develop a clog. Because sewage systems are gravity operated lift stations, typically use pumps to move the waste.

The kind of pump will depend on the type of waste being moved. For instance, the pumping unit known as a grinder is required when Septic Lift Stations are placed in the foundation or interior of the building. These are mostly used for moving waste between levels such as from a basement to the ground level. This may be required for multiple level homes such as the split level model or houses placed on a hill. Another sort of lift station is the one that moves the effluent out of the tanks.

This system is used when the septic system sprays the effluent over the leach field in lieu of using pipes for leaching the waste water. The benefit is better control over where the effluent is placed, and this can improve percolation, which is used to filter out waste particles. Lift stations can vary, but the most common method for creating them uses concrete. This provides a durable container for important equipment such as pumps without affecting the unit’s ability to hold waste water.

Commercial systems can hold thousands of gallons, but the typical household unit tends to be smaller. One reason for this is that most homes do not have the space for large tanks. A failed septic system can be an expensive repair, and the same applies to lift stations. To ensure that the system operates correctly it should be serviced by an expert. Contractors such as All Pro Plumbing have the skills and knowledge to keep that septic flowing properly. Making use of them could save the property owner a lot of headaches, and unexpected expense. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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