Cosmetic Dentistry in Washington, DC, can help Improve Teeth in many ways

Cosmetic Dentistry in Washington, DC, can help Improve Teeth in many ways

When people’s teeth become damaged or unattractive due to aging or some sort of trauma, they may feel like their self-confidence is shattered. Most people notice others’ teeth as part of their first impression, and ugly teeth are generally quite obvious to other people. People whose teeth get damaged in any way may try to avoid social settings and mask their faces while they speak or eat publicly. Rather than feeling ashamed, anyone facing issues with the appearance of their teeth should navigate around this website to learn about the options available.

Cosmetic dentistry in Washington, DC offers many different solutions to help people with their teeth. Any type of issue can be treated by an experienced dentist, even problems like broken or missing teeth. Some of the options available for improving teeth’s appearance include:

* Dental Bonding. Dentists will use dental bonding to repair any minor chips or breaks on people’s teeth. They will use artificial material, usually porcelain or composite, that matches the patients’ teeth and attach it to the damaged tooth. This hides the damage and makes the tooth strong again. Usually, people can’t even see the difference between a bonded tooth and one without repair work.

* Whitening. When teeth are simply discolored and stained, cosmetic dentists can use professional whitening techniques to improve the teeth’s color. Professional whitening from a cosmetic dentist is the best way get teeth back to their original color, and it is much safer and faster than using any type of home treatment.

* Veneers. If people have many teeth that are very badly damaged, it may not make sense or be possible to repair each one individually. In these cases, veneers may be the best choice. Veneers are attached to the front of each tooth and completely mask damage to the real teeth. Many celebrities and wealthy people opt for veneer as a way of enjoying a perfect-looking set of teeth.

People can improve their teeth’s appearance in many ways with cosmetic dentistry in Washington, DC. There are many procedures available to make teeth look more attractive. By visiting a cosmetic dentist, people will be able to determine what options are available to correct damage to their teeth.

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