Count on Steve Gentry Construction for Every Home Building Need

Count on Steve Gentry Construction for Every Home Building Need

When an inexperienced homeowner thinks of renovating a bathroom or removing walls to make a room larger, they typically hire a general contractor such as Steve Gentry Construction. To ensure that the homeowner hires a reliable contractor, follow these tips to get through the process.

Determine the Nature of the Job

Depending on the project, the homeowner needs to determine whether they need a contractor or a repair person. If the repairs don’t require permitting and are of relatively low cost, hiring a handyman may be the best option. However, if the job involves major electrical, plumbing or mechanical work that requires a permit, a general contractor is the right choice.

Get Referrals

If the homeowner lives in a resource-rich area, they can start the search for a contractor by asking around at local lumberyards and home improvement stores. Clients should be careful of unknown contractors and those who use low-quality materials, as they can lead to poor quality work.

Ask an Inspector

When an inspector finds major problems in a home that’s up for sale, they typically refer the homeowner to a contractor who can solve those problems. Owners can call area home inspectors for general contractor recommendations.

Get Multiple Bids

Each contractor should ask for the home’s floor plans, as well as a list of the homeowner’s needs and wants. The contractor should be able to explain how they will perform the work from start to finish. Homeowners should ask each potential contractor to divide the bid into categories to make it easier to see where their money is going. These categories include materials, labor, miscellaneous expenses and profit.

Don’t Make Decisions Based on Price

Although it can be tempting to choose the cheapest contractor, it’s not wise to do so. Homeowners should choose a contractor with whom they feel comfortable, and they should make a written schedule that outlines when the contractor will be paid. Most importantly, the contractor should provide a lien release that protects the homeowner in the event that vendor and subcontractor bills aren’t paid.

Home remodeling and construction can be exciting. When hiring a contractor such as Steve Gentry Construction, clients should Visit the Website and do their research before making a decision. By using these tips and being mindful of the company’s reputation, a client can find the right contractor for his or her needs.

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