Crop Disasters that can Be Offset By Crop Insurance

Crop Disasters that can Be Offset By Crop Insurance

The plan for crops begins well before the seeds are planted in the ground. While planning out the fields is a necessity; there are a few unpredictable events that can affect the final product. These situations can potentially harm the potential profit from the crops and reduce the farm income. These are some of the reasons to pick up insurance for the crops.

One item that is difficult to predict is what other types of crops other farmers are planting. If the price of a particular crop is high, a lot of farmers may plant that particular one in their fields. As more of the same type of crops flood the market, the price will drop start dropping dramatically. At some point, it will be impossible to sell the crops at a profit and losses are inevitable. Crop Insurance can help protect against a dramatic drop in price.

Nature is highly unpredictable when it comes to crops. Natural disasters such as tornadoes can rip up delicate crops. Flooding, drought and other unpredictable weather can cause a lot of damage. Since the growing season is well defined, these crops cannot be replanted after they have been destroyed. The replanting will have to wait until the next season, and the crops are typically a total loss after a disaster happens.

Diseases are difficult to deal with despite all of the things out on the market. It doesn’t take much for a disease to spread through a field. While taking precautions can help with control of some diseases, pests and animals can transmit them from field to field. In many cases, the cure involves destroying all of the affected plants. Depending on how widespread the disease is, this can result in major crop losses. Crop Insurance will help to offset some of the losses if this happens.

Because of the fickle nature of farming, the success of crops can be difficult to judge. There are several different factors that can cause a complete failure. While there will be losses in these situations, the losses can be minimized with insurance. With the growing season approaching, check out for more information.

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