Custom Corrugated Boxes: Choosing a Supplier

Custom Corrugated Boxes: Choosing a Supplier

If you use custom corrugated boxes for shipping your products, finding a supplier that provides high quality options makes your life a lot easier. Read on to know what to look for before you choose one:

Customer service

Delivering wow service isn’t a new concept. However, not all companies operate the same way. Finding a supplier that puts a premium on excellent service quality is a good one to have on your side.


A third-party service provider can make or break your production schedule. Delays can take days and hurt client confidence. In some cases, you could also miss the cutoff schedule. That’s going to mean that your orders will get relegated to the next batch. Not ideal? Find a supplier that takes the time to adjust processes and improve lead times to ensure faster delivery of your custom corrugated boxes. A supplier that provides you with convenient solutions like this is an excellent service partner to build a long-term professional relationship with.


Reliability is the cornerstone of any good supplier. You’ll want one that consistently delivers on shipping solutions on time. Even when rush jobs and other complications happen, a good supplier will find ways to help you make that deadline.

Product range

Be sure to check out the rest of the company’s products and services. You could hit two birds with one stone by putting in an order for several containers of different sizes, price points and uses to save on shipping cost.


Look beyond the quote, says the Entrepreneur. A lot of these quotes aren’t inclusive of other costs. Ask if there are other fees such fuel surcharges or restocking charges for returns. Find out now so you’ll know if you’re going to need to pay up just in case. This way, you can effectively avoid paying any extra charges.

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