Custom Fabricated Trailers: Designed by the Client, Assembled by Vintage Transport

Custom Fabricated Trailers: Designed by the Client, Assembled by Vintage Transport

Trailers are a necessity for transporting recreational vehicles, yard equipment and for certain trades. There are numerous styles and sizes available, but sometimes no matter how much people research and shop, finding the perfect one becomes impossible. In these instances, the only option is to turn to fabrication shops that are able to create custom trailer designs that perfectly match the specifications of their clients.

Trailer designs are only limited by the imagination as there are an endless amount of ways to create a more functional product. They can be enclosed or open, reinforced for strength to carry heavier loads and include additional features like locking tool chests or reels for wire and more. Dump-body trailers, enclosed generators and extended trailers are all projects that have been made by this type of business. Most custom trailers are built from scratch, but adding to or adjusting those that are already owned by the client is possible as well.

Professional fabricators are able to ensure that each trailer is roadworthy and ready to be licensed. They include wiring, lighting and brake systems as well as anything else that is needed to make it legal and safe. Only the most durable materials are used to ensure the owner is able to have a problem-free trailer for years. The final piece will be a unique item that will make it easier to use, and more functional for the client than any other trailer has ever been.

Each client works directly with the shop to create a design that will meet highway regulations and be functional. Some prefer to use their own design, while others just want to tell the fabricators what they require and let them design everything on their own. Regardless, the future owner must give their approval to the design prior to any work beginning.

Companies like Vintage Transport are dedicated to crafting exceptional trailers that are professional and meet every detail of the original design. They use only high-quality materials to ensure durability and always include the trailer license and registration with each order.

Visit the website to see examples of their previous work and the other services they offer.

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