Custom Stainless Steel Tanks and Carbon Steel Tanks: What Should You Know?

Manufacturers of trailer tanks manufacture using two types of materials carbon and stainless steel. However, most people are not aware of the difference between custom stainless steel tanks and carbon steel tanks, often confusing the two to be the same.

Even though the two materials have shared characteristics, they also have three differences that set them apart from each other. People who are interested in investing in stainless steel tanks or carbon tank, but do not know which type of material to select need to comprehend the key differences of each.

The differences between stainless steel tanks and carbon tanks are:

The Purpose Of The Tank

Custom Stainless Steel Tanks have a slightly lower carbon content than carbon steel tanks, which obviously have a higher carbon content as per their name. The higher quantities of carbon content offer improved heat distribution. You will want to use a carbon steel tank if you plan to keep the materials of the tank warm.

On the other hand, stainless steel tanks contain higher amounts of chromium than its counterpart. The chromium establishes a layer on top of the metal, which prevents the formation of rust and corrosion. You will want to use a stainless steel tank if you plan to carry materials that are easily prone to rust and corrode.

Storing And Maintaining The Storage Tanks

If you plan to store the tank indoors or in a concealed space, choose carbon steel tanks because they rust easily if place outside. You have to be careful not to expose carbon steel tanks to moisture because if they do, you will have to remove them from the location immediately. If the tank is placed outside, in broad daylight, it would be more appropriate to choose stainless steel tanks. Since they are not easily prone to rust, it requires zero to little maintenance.

The Appearance Of The Tanks

Carbon steel tanks that will mainly stay indoors will not require you to customize it to your need such as sprucing up its exterior with colors or the name of your company, unless you plan to use them publicly. If your needs require you to invest in a stainless steel tank, you will not have to give the tank a makeover, as it comes with an attractive stainless steel finish.

Be sure to consider these three points regarding the choice to purchase a carbon or stainless steel truck.

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