Choosing The Right Horizontal Mixer

There is a wide range of different industrial and commercial uses for a horizontal mixer. With different sizes, options or features, choosing the right mixer for your bakery or food preparation needs is critical.

Taking the time to consider what you want and need in a horizontal mixer, as well as the features or options you know you will be essential, is a good first step. This means understanding the mixing you need to do as well as the different ingredients you will be mixing.

Most commonly these mixers are used for dry mixing, including mixing spices, powdered foods, and packaged dried food items. However, there are designs and options in a horizontal mixer which can be used to mix liquids into dry solids. These models have to specially designed to add enough power to be able to combine the materials correctly without clumping and clogging.

Agitator Type

The two most common types of agitators used in any horizontal mixer include ribbon agitators, typically double ribbon agitators, as well as a paddle or flat paddle agitators.

The double ribbon style of the horizontal mixer is also commonly called a ribbon mixer. It utilizes two spiral or ribbon shapes of metal extensions that surround the shaft. When turning, these ribbons rotate, creating a very uniform mixing motion. This is most commonly used for dry ingredients or free flowing materials.

The flat paddle or paddle agitator has a series of flat paddles that extend off the shaft to the edges of the mixing bin. The paddles are set on an angle to move the material through the horizontal mixer. This is an ideal option for mixing dry and wet ingredients as sticking is not a problem.

Loading Ease

How the ingredients will be added to the horizontal mixer is another important consideration. The lid or cover to the mixer needs to be designed with integration into your current production system as a priority.

Many top companies offering a variety of food service mixers will provide optional lids to work with your current system. They can also be selected to allow for manual filling of the mixer.

Finally, it is important to consider the size of the horizontal mixer you need. Buying a mixer that has the power and the physical capacity to keep up with your demands is an essential consideration when choosing a model.

At H.C Davis Sons Manufacturing Co.INC, we offer a full line of horizontal mixer designs for any industry or commercial application.

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