Used Hydraulic Boat Trailer Options

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services

Next to investing in the boat itself, the most important investment an aspiring boat owner can make is in a hydraulic boat trailer for the road. With several trailer options available today, figuring out which type to choose can be stressful, especially when you’re on a budget. You can find the perfect used hydraulic boat trailer that will meet your boating need while not putting a dent in your wallet.

HST Series
The HST series trailers are fully submersible trailers that are perfect for yard and highway transporting along with haul-out and launching. You can use one of these types of trailers with a sailboat or power boat to a 7-foot draft and a 45-foot length. This type of trailer also features forward hydraulics for fifth-wheel hookup plus leveling. The height of the right and left frame can independently be adjusted, and the four extendable hydraulic arms that can be controlled independently. The trailer’s non-metallic, flexible fenders along with its solid hydraulic wheels also make it a top trailer choice.

HHT Series
Like the HST series trailers, the HHT Series trailers are submersible. These heavy-duty trailers with an open center are perfect to use on the highway for road tractors. They have tri-axle and tandem dual-wheel designs and are the top choice among professional haulers for handling big boats with the ease of the push of a button. The HHT 4000 trailer is 40 feet long and has a capacity of 30,000 pounds while the HHT 4200 trailer is 45 feet long and has a capacity of 40,000 pounds. A couple of perks of HHT Series trailers are that you can remotely control their functions and that they feature low-profile radial tires.

HPT Series
HPT series trailers that enable you to handle easily power boats as well as shoal draft boats. No matter your trailer need, we have the products and expertise you need to secure the type of used hydraulic boat trailer that will help you transport your vessel both safely and efficiently.

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