Custom Window Treatments in Long Island NY Add Functional Beauty to a Home

Though redecorating a home can take a great deal of time, effort and funds, window treatments are a fairly simple change that can enhance or alter any interior decor. Choosing between blinds, shades and draperies involves much more than selecting a style and color you like. The proper window treatments in Long Island, NY can provide many benefits to a home in addition to their charming aesthetic appeal.

Today’s modern window treatments offer more choices and possibilities than traditional curtains. From custom draperies tailored to fit any size window to trendy Roman shades, you can select a style that blends well while providing privacy and protection.

Transform Picture Windows for Nighttime Privacy

While many homeowners love a large picture window, they can sometimes be a challenge to decorate. Venetian blinds are a smart option that can be sized to fit large windows. Blinds are also simple to open and close, allowing you plenty of sunlight during the day and privacy at night.

Block Harmful Rays

Homeowners that live in warm, sunny climates will need window treatments to preserve their furniture. Left unprotected, harmful sunlight rays can cause fading and other damage to furnishings and floors. UV rays can actually cause damage even on cloudy days, making window treatments essential for year-round protection.

Create an Energy Efficient Home Environment

Window treatments in Long Island, NY are a good way to keep your home cooler during summer months. By limiting the amount of sunlight a room receives, you can keep the temperature at a comfortable level during the day. Blinds and shades can also cut down on ceiling fans and air conditioner usage.

During cold, blustery Long Island winters, window treatments help to retain heat. Even if blinds, draperies and shades are only closed during evening hours, it can still help prevent awakening to a freezing home in the morning. When used properly, window treatments can reduce costly monthly heating bills, allowing you to stay warm and cozy for less.

Choose a Professional Window Treatment Company

When shopping for new window treatments, you want a company that offers expert design and installation services. Custom draperies and blinds are a must for homes with unusual or extra large windows.

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