Deciding on a New Concrete Slab Driveway

Deciding on a New Concrete Slab Driveway

Concrete slab driveways are long-lasting and beautiful additions to old homes or new. The average lifetime with regular maintenance can be up to 30 years. Of course, the lifespan depends on different factors such as soil conditions, foundation construction, vehicle weight, the quality of the concrete, curing period, the thickness of the slab. Building a concrete driveway costs a national average of $4158 for a standard sized two car driveway. However, adding on bells and whistles can drive the cost up to $10,000 with decorative elements such as stamping, or even more for an electric driveway that melts snow and ice without you ever picking up a shovel.

Protecting Your Investment

Concrete driveways are considered essentially maintenance-free. However, they can be damaged by using the wrong deicing solution, and also by extreme heat and cold. Extreme cold winter weather followed by summer heat is a common cause of cracking, and since concrete driveways are more difficult and expensive to repair, homeowners considering a concrete driveway should allow for a slab expansion joint. Generally, the filling for a slab expansion joint is wood, epoxy, or a special fitting material that goes between the slabs and prevents them from expanding into one another.

Professionals are Best

Whether you are thinking of repairing your old concrete driveway or having an entirely new installation, this is not a DIY job. Repairing or installing a new driveway is a labor-intensive undertaking that requires experience and professionalism. Excavating, grading, tamping, leveling, putting in an appropriate foundation, and pouring the slab to an appropriate thickness requires a large number of labor hours, specialized equipment, and confidence. Installing slab expansion joints will help to preserve your concrete driveway, prevent cracking, and keep your driveway looking beautiful. Talk to local professionals about your new concrete driveway job, and get an idea of what costs are in your area and move ahead with your new concrete driveway.

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