Deer-Vehicle Accidents: A Common Cause for Collision Repair in Johnson County

Deer-Vehicle Accidents: A Common Cause for Collision Repair in Johnson County

An auto body shop that does Collision Repair in Johnson County tends to get busier during the autumn months, as deer become more active and cause more vehicle accidents than at other times of the year. Striking a deer while traveling at normal highway speeds can cause thousands of dollars in auto body damage. Hopefully, when this happens, the driver has comprehensive auto insurance, as that is the only coverage that pays for damage resulting from collisions with wildlife. The office team at an auto body repair shop knows how to write up insurance claims for its customers, making life easier for people dealing with significant vehicle damage.

November is the peak time of year for deer-vehicle collisions, as this is the primary time for deer mating and it coincides with hunting seasons. Deer become more active during mating season and more likely to be jumpy when hunters are out and about in the woods. The Missouri State Highway Patrol has determined that more than half of deer-vehicle accidents happen in October, November and December. A large majority of these collisions occur during the evening hours. Even when drivers are exceptionally careful, they still can wind up hitting a deer that pops out from the woods unexpectedly. That often leads to a need for Collision Repair in Johnson County. Missouri is considered a high-risk state for deer-vehicle accidents. It ranks 15th in the United States for the odds of hitting a deer. West Virginia is in the first place.

Drivers tend to hit deer with the front of the car, causing substantial damage to the hood and front end. However, deer also have been known to run directly into the side of a vehicle as they dart across a highway. Auto body repair technicians at a facility such as Warrensburg Collision Repair Center have seen any number of different types of damage related to accidents with wildlife. After several years, they probably are not surprised by much anymore. They have seen vehicles be declared a total loss after running into a deer, and they’ve also repaired cars where the only damage after hitting a deer was a broken side mirror.

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