Denied Benefits, Why Hire A Disability Claim Attorney?

Denied Benefits, Why Hire A Disability Claim Attorney?

Obtaining disability benefits from Veterans Affairs is complicated and usually involves appeals. The process of appealing or getting a rating increase is subject to an immense number of laws and regulations. Those who have had their application for benefits denied would have an extremely difficult time trying to understand and comprehend this mass of rules without the help of a VA disability claim attorney. A seasoned attorney will ensure that important deadlines are not missed; they can gather additional documentation and records to support the claim. An attorney can make sure there are no errors that may delay the processing of the claim.

How a VA disability claim attorney can help:

If you applied for veterans disability benefits, only to have your application rejected, the right attorney can make a huge difference between winning on appeal or having your claim denied again. In many cases, proving the disability is service related can be a challenge.

To prove to the Administration that the injury or illness is service related the veteran must show that his or her records contain a full medical diagnosis of the disability, proof of development of the condition while in service and medical evidence proving a direct link between the current disability and the injury or illness that happened while serving in the military.

To qualify, the applicant must:

* Be a veteran
* Have a current medical condition
* The disabling injury or disease must have happened while in service, and
* The disability must be related to the veterans time in duty

Even when benefits have been granted there are times when the disability worsens and the veteran is of the opinion that the benefit should be increased. If the veteran is not happy with the decision they can hire a VA disability claim attorney and appeal.

Appealing the denial of VA disability benefits can be extremely complex and time consuming, it is always best to have a knowledgeable VA disability claim lawyer on your side. You are invited to discuss the details of your claim with Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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