Why Hire a Professional for Area Rug Cleaning in Fairfield County CT?

Why Hire a Professional for Area Rug Cleaning in Fairfield County CT?

There is no question that area rugs can add to the aesthetic appeal and warmth of a home. However, great care must be taken when it is time for Area Rug Cleaning in Fairfield County CT This is particularly the case for Persian, Oriental, or silk rugs. If a person doesn’t know what they are doing, they may find they have caused significant and permanent damage. For these types of jobs, it is essential to call in the pros who know what to do and how to keep the rug in good condition.

The Cleaning Process

Before beginning the Area Rug Cleaning in Fairfield County CT, the professionals will remove any loose dust that is present. This is typically done with a carpet sweeper or a gentle vacuum. Once the loss dust and dirt have been extracted, the professional cleaning service is going to test the fibers to figure out what detergents can be used on the piece safely. The solution that is determined to be the best option is going to be applied and worked into the fibers by using a soft bristle agitator. In some cases, the process is repeated several times until the water rinses away and is clear.

The Final Steps

Once the soil is all removed from the area rug, it may be placed in a special centrifuge that will spin the rug until all of the water is removed. After that, the rug is hung for drying on a rack for several hours. It is then groomed to ensure all the fibers are aligned. When the rug is returned to the owner, it is going to look, smell, and feel like it is new again. This is a deep clean that the average person simply can’t achieve.

When it comes to area rugs and ensuring they are cleaned thoroughly, hiring the professionals is the best course of action. For those who would like more information, they can browse our website. Being informed and knowing the options that are available can help anyone get a beautifully clean area rug to use in their home.

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