Dental Implants In Chicago: Why They’re Essential

Dental Implants In Chicago: Why They’re Essential

If you’re like many people who have lost teeth, you may be wondering what your options are and which ones are best. Most people in Chicago have heard about dentures, bridges, and partial dentures and may believe that they are a more economical solution. However, once they learn about all the aggravations and problems that can arise, dental implants are usually the option that people pick.

Preserve Facial Structure

When you lose a tooth, the absence is felt and noticed by the jaw. Almost immediately, the jawbone will start deteriorating, called resorption. If you’ve lost all your teeth, the lower part of the face can collapse because nothing is there to preserve your bone structure. An implant doesn’t just sit on top of the bone but is implanted in there like a tooth root, fusing to the bone and becoming a permanent fixture, preventing your facial structure from sinking or caving in.


Most people complain about dentures because there is no support for them, other than your cheeks and adhesive. With dental implants in Chicago, they are permanent and won’t have to be removed at all, which means you can bite, chew, and talk without causing more trouble and embarrassment.

Protect Current Teeth

A tooth-supported bridge or partial denture requires support from neighboring teeth. Before a bridge can be placed, the adjacent teeth have to be filed or ground down and the damage caused can never be undone or healed. Similarly, partials use hooks that go around healthy teeth, but this can create more pressure on those areas, which could cause them to loosen and fall out. Likewise, the metal can scrape the teeth, removing enamel and causing pain.

Dental implants in Chicago are a permanent solution to tooth loss. Visit Chicago Smile Design at for more information. Follow us on Google+.

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