Dental Implants Are a Great Way to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implants are one of today’s best choices for replacing missing teeth. Implants provide a successful and natural looking alternative to natural teeth. The reason implants create such a similar look and feel to real teeth is because they are made from titanium. This substance relates closely to genuine teeth. It also lasts a very long time.

To date, studies show that a lot of people live better lives because of dental implants. Keep reading to learn more about getting the best dental implants in Chicago Heights.

What is a Dental Implant?

If you do not know what a dental implant is, that is okay. Simply picture what a natural tooth looks like, and that resembles an implant.

Dental implants consist of two parts. The first part is the crown. This top layer is what you see in your mouth above your gums. The second part is the root. This bottom part consists of the area inside your bone. The implant takes the place of the root part of your missing tooth. It then gets covered by a natural looking dental crown.

The entire process should take no more than six months. Dental implant results create a smile that looks beautiful and real.

Are You Candidate Dental Implants?

Your oral surgeon determines if you qualify for dental implants. Before a decision is made, an examination takes place.

During your assessment, your surgeon looks for certain things. They need to see how much bone loss has occurred where your tooth is missing. It is important to check this because a certain amount of bone is needed to get an implant.

Even if you do not have a lot of bone, some methods could help regenerate its loss. With newer techniques, it makes more people eligible for implants.

You should always consider dental implants as a top choice for replacing missing teeth. Find the right oral surgeon and get your smile back in no time!

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