Determining Problems With a System During Septic Tank Cleaning in Arlington WA

Determining Problems With a System During Septic Tank Cleaning in Arlington WA

Normally, Septic Tank Cleaning in Arlington WA as recommended by professional technicians goes a long way toward preventing backups or more serious problems with the system. The property owner also should keep watch for any signs that trouble has developed.

Examples of Symptoms

Examples of symptoms include grass that is fuller and greener over the tank or the drain field. Another is damp ground over the field for no apparent reason. The yard should not have even the faintest odor of sewage. These signs could indicate a leaking tank or pipes, or a clogged leach field.

Preventing Pollution

Serious problems with the drain field can cause untreated wastewater to pollute groundwater and soil. A properly functioning drain field acts as a filtration system for that liquid. Although renovating the equipment in the field can be expensive, the work is crucial.

For routine Septic Tank Cleaning in Arlington WA, the property owners probably don’t need to be home, although the technicians will want to talk with them about any problems they find. That can be done on the phone later, however.

Sometimes technicians discover evidence of behavior like flushing tampons or sanitary wipes, which should not be done with a septic system. Tampons bulk up when they are wet, and they can gradually take up too much room in the tank. Sanitary wipes can clog filters. The workers may also have seen tire tracks on top of the drain field. Driving on that ground should be avoided because it compacts the soil.

If the customers have called for tank cleaning because of issues like odor or dampness, they should try to be there during the appointment. If major repair work is necessary, the property owners will want to have a discussion about this with the technicians.

Preventing Problems

Prolonging the life of the system and preventing problems requires routine attention from a company such as Johnny’s Septic Service. Fortunately, this usually only means having the tank pumped and inspected every year or two. Some property owners do not even need the work done this often, but an older system should be checked as often as the experts recommend.

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