Different types of chimney repair

Different types of chimney repair

Too many people there is nothing quite as nice as a roaring fire during cold, winter evenings. As nice as this may be, to enjoy it to the maximum the chimney that allows the smoke and dangerous gasses must be in good condition otherwise there is a real possibility of carbon monoxide buildup in the room or a chimney fire.

The chimney on a typical home is very durable and can withstand the effects of weather and use for years with few problems, however, sooner or later chimney repair in Columbus, OH will become necessary. There are a number of issues that can affect a chimney that, if not repaired, can cause multiple problems. A minor problem is not necessary urgent, a major problem that is not repaired with some degree of urgency can result in carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire. It is important for any homeowner that has an open fireplace or wood burning stove to have an understanding of the different types of repair work that can become necessary, things such as flue replacement, re-pointing the brick mortar or completely replacing the chimney.

A chimney has at its core a flue liner. The flue liner starts just above the area where the fire burns all the way through the core of the chimney to the very top of the structure. The entire purpose of the flue liner is to direct the smoke and dangerous gasses into the exterior environment, keeping them from inadvertently leaking into the interior of the home where they can pose problems. A chimney that does not have a liner or a chimney that has a liner but it is cracked are problems that must be rectified. The flue is where a layer of creosote buildup, it is this oily material from combustion that clings to the interior of the flue and causes a flue fire, should this happen the clay flue liner can crack. In the event this happens an expert in chimney repair in Columbus, OH can replace it.

It is highly recommended that chimneys be inspected and cleaned annually. During the inspection there may be evidence of missing mortar; this needs to be repaired for the chimney to look its best and working well. Another area that requires close inspection is the firebox, the place where combustion takes place. The firebox is constructed from fire brick which can take immense heat, the bricks and mortar must be well maintained. The external crown of the chimney should be checked by professionals and repaired if there is any evidence of damage.

Chimney repair in Columbus, OH is something that must be left to skilled professionals with the correct tools and techniques. You are invited to contact Whempys Ductwork & Chimney Services for repair or cleaning. Click here to know more.

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