Discovering Where to Start with Divorce Lawyers in University Place

In Washington, individuals who are seeking a divorce must discover where to start. In most cases, their attorney collects information about the petitioner and their spouse. The petitioner must fulfill certain residency requirements and learn more about waiting periods. Their attorney can help them navigate through this confusing process. The following is a review of where to start with divorce lawyers in University Place.

What Protection and Rights Are Available Initially?

Certain protections and rights are available to each party after the divorce documents are filed. This indicates that both parties have signed and agreed to the terms of the divorce. The divorce agreement states that each party is required to refrain from harassing each other. All unwanted contact is prohibited through these agreements. Once the papers are filed, the spouse who lives in the marital home can contact law enforcement to remove their spouse from the property.

Ways to Achieve an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is achieved when the parties agree to the terms of the divorce. Each party has adequate time to review the agreement and indicate if changes are needed. If the parties end all disputes about the agreement, they can achieve a divorce quickly.

Why Should Petitioners Avoid a Divorce Trial?

A divorce trial is scheduled when the couple cannot reach an agreement even after mediation. The trials can take up to two years to complete. The duration is based on the size of the marital estate and whether or not they have children together.

How Is Child Custody and Support Managed?

Child custody is determined according to the most suitable option for the child. If the couple can agree, child custody and support are settled through the divorce agreement. If they cannot, these arrangements are settled by the judge through a separate custody hearing.

In Washington, individuals who want to start a divorce case need legal advice to help them begin. These cases will require them to provide detailed information about themselves and their spouses.

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