Discussing Your Case With Work Injury Lawyers

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Lawyers

Injuries that occur within the scope of job duties are considered worker related injuries. These incidents are covered under worker’s compensation policies. It is the purpose of these policies to reduce the potential liability of these injuries. It is not, however, to help employers short chain workers by refusing to pay benefits for lost wages. Work injury lawyers could help these workers recover medical coverage as well as any wages they have lost.

The Basics of an Injury Claim

The basic steps of these claims require the human resources department to comply with protocol. After any employee injury, they must send the worker to an emergency room or urgent care provider. The doctors must perform an assessment to gauge the severity of the injuries. These doctors must report their findings back to the worker’s compensation insurance provider.

Once the claim is filed through the insurer, a claim’s adjuster must evaluate the claim. They determine if the injuries meet the requirements as outlined in the policy. If they determine that they do, a notification letter is sent to the worker telling them the value of their benefits and the starting date. If they are denied benefits, the notification letter should give a reason.

Information About Long-Term Treatment

Any long-term or permanent injury that occurred must be documented heavily. The insurer needs extensive details about how long these conditions will last and if they hinder the employee’s ability to work. If the injury produces a permanent disability, the insurer may offer a settlement based on the total value of wages they could earn in their lifetime.

Filing a Lawsuit Against the Employer

If the worker is denied benefits, they have two options. They could file for an appeal or file a lawsuit. An appeal is a formal hearing with a judge. The judge evaluates the case on each side to determine if the worker was eligible for these benefits. A lawsuit could result in an award of compensation as well as punitive damages.

Workers who have suffered an injury while performing their job should file a claim properly. This eliminates any unnecessary delays that could occur. It also provides them with the necessary information they need to file a lawsuit if necessary. Employees who are injured could hire Work injury lawyers by visiting Alpernschubertlaw.com today.

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