Do You Need to Get an Animal X-ray in Scottsdale, AZ?

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Pets

It pays to have your pet examined regularly to make sure he is in the best of health. One way this can be done is to have your dog or cat x-rayed when he receives his regular check up. An x-ray can reveal a good deal about an animal’s overall health. Therefore, this type of image should be taken on a routine basis.

How X-rays Help Older Pets

It is especially useful to schedule an animal x-ray in Scottsdale, AZ if your dog or cat is older. That is because geriatric animals start to suffer from health issues that involve the aging process. An x-ray can help you discover if your pet has arthritis or similar joint conditions. X-rays also help the veterinarian discover any other conditions than can be debilitating as well.

That is why you cannot discount the use of an animal x-ray in checking and evaluating dogs or cats. This type of imagery can prevent health problems that can be reduced or prevented with early care. For example, your dog cannot tell you if he is feeling poorly because of arthritis. Only an x-ray can reveal that fact. If arthritis is seen on an x-ray, the doctor can recommend a therapy to make your pet feel more comfortable.

Prevent Any Needless Suffering

After all, an animal x-ray can prevent him from suffering needlessly. That is why you should schedule this type of imagery when you have your pet’s health checked. Make sure you have exams scheduled every six months to ensure that you can catch any condition or disease in its early stages. Your pet is a good friend to you. By scheduling exams and x-rays, you are also a good friend to him.

Who to Contact for an Appointment

To learn more about scheduling an exam for your dog or cat, go online and contact a facility, such as Aztec Animal Hospital. The sooner you take this initiative, the sooner you can treat your pet if he does, indeed, need therapy.

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