Do you Really Need Tree Pruning In Bronx NY?

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Tree Services

People often wonder if they really need tree pruning in Bronx NY area. The only time some homeowners pay attention to their trees is when they have to rake leaves in the fall, so it’s understandable why some people don’t realize the importance of Tree Pruning. Aesthetics is one reason to do pruning. When a professional prunes a tree, the tree will have a better look. The tree will keep it’s intended shape. Even though a tree’s shape can be changed considerably with pruning, a tree shouldn’t be shaped into a shape that isn’t natural for it.

Appearance isn’t the only reason for tree pruning in Bronx NY area. Pruning can also be done for safety reasons. When branches are broken or dead, they can fall off the tree at any time. Heavy branches can cause a lot of damage to homes and vehicles. Branches can also begin to dangle which can cause vision problems for those driving underneath the tree. When branches aren’t properly controlled, they can grow dangerously close to utility lines. In most cases, utility companies will deal with branches that get too close to power and phone lines. Utility companies have numbers that people can use to report issues with trees.

Finally, a tree’s health can sometimes be improved with pruning efforts. If a tree is infected with a disease, getting rid of the infected parts might be able to save the tree. It’s important that professionals act fast. Some infections can spread quickly throughout a tree. The crown of a tree can be reduced in thickness so that the rest of the tree can get more air flowing to it. Also, branches can be trimmed, so they don’t interfere with the growth of the tree. If a tree’s branches aren’t controlled, they can sometimes cross each other at odd angles.

Although it’s true that people can do their own pruning, it’s generally not recommended. First, there are too many mistakes inexperienced people can make with cutting tree branches. A lot of people cut the wrong branches. Second, the tree’s health can be negatively affected by bad pruning. Last but not least, people who don’t know what they are doing can be injured.

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