How Does Your Dog Use Your Lawn?

Wanting your lawn to look perfect is not an easy task when you cannot devote the necessary time and care required. For dog owners, keeping your lawn nice becomes especially difficult, as our cute pets can also cause damage to lawns while playing outside. It may be best to hire a professional for lawn care in Port St Lucie, as they can devote the sufficient time and energy to keeping your lawn green and healthy.

Understanding Disease and Unwanted Pests

It may take experts with experience and knowledge in lawn care in Port St Lucie to assess the quality of the grass and any damage already done to your lawn.

A professional will be able to recognize and treat any diseases that may be causing damage to the root system of your lawn. They will also assess and diagnose any problems related to pests which may be causing your lawn to appear unhealthy.

A significant number of problems that effect a lawn may be above ground, but the grass can also be attacked from beneath the surface.

Unless a dog is highly trained, they will leave their mark in your lawn wherever they want. This may eventually result in large brown patches appearing, as the acid within their urine burns the grass away, especially if they use the same area every time. And without curing this problem, the roots of the grass will begin to fail.

Professional lawn care in Port St Lucie will repair any damage to your lawn and show you how to prevent further damage, such as by watering the area directly after your dog has left its mark.

Apart from considering dog training and teaching your pet to use a different spot each time for consistency across the lawn, a lawn care specialist will visit your property regularly to assess the quality and identify any patches that require replacement.

Once they have eradicated disease and pests from your lawn, the problem from your dog leaving its mark will be the least of your concerns.

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