Don’t Fight The Insurance Company Alone – Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Momence

Don’t Fight The Insurance Company Alone – Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Momence

Workers Compensation is like many other government programs. It started with great intentions, but over time has grown into what some people consider a cumbersome bureaucracy that can fail to help the very people that it is supposed to serve.

The History of Workers Compensation in Illinois

Illinois was the second state to pass Workers Compensation laws, passing laws to protect Illinois workers in 1912. Before Workers Comp laws, workers who were injured on the job did not receive any help. If the worker was killed, the family was often left destitute. Negligent employers could be sued, but few workers had the resources to sue and seldom won if they did.

Workers Compensation laws are designed to address two problems.

* Workers needed to be quickly and fairly compensated for injuries suffered at work.

* Employers wanted to avoid paying damages awarded after costly lawsuits.

How the Workers Compensation Program Works

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission administers the program for the state but does not pay claims. Employers usually pay premiums to insurance companies who pay the benefits to injured workers. Some large companies is self-insured, but they also use insurance companies to handle claims.


Adjusters work for insurance companies. From the insurance company’s point of view, adjusters are doing their job well when costs are kept as low as possible. Adjusters may or may not fully understand the complexities of Illinois Workers Compensation laws; the adjuster’s interpretation of the laws may not be accurate and seldom benefits injured workers.


The insurance companies also hire lawyers to protect them from paying claims. Injured workers find it very difficult to navigate the complex and cumbersome Workers Compensation system and to negotiate settlements with the insurance company lawyers. A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Momence assists injured workers to receive the benefits that they are entitled to.


Arbitrators are similar to trial court judges. They listen to testimony and examine the evidence, deciding if the injured worker has proved their case and, if so, what benefits should be awarded. Most cases are resolved with a settlement contract approved by the arbitrator.

If you’ve been injured at work and need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Momence, contact Godin, Denton & Elliott PC for a free initial consultation. They have the skills and experience needed to aggressively defend a worker’s rights against the insurance company. To contact them and get the help you need, click here for more info.

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